Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is it like to skydive?

A. You have to try it to find out. It’s like nothing else you’ve ever experienced! You don’t get that “roller-coaster” feeling of dropping; it is more like “floating on air.”

Q. Can anyone skydive?

A. You must be 18 years of age or older with valid picture ID and weigh less than 230 lbs.

Q. What is a tandem jump?

A. A tandem jump is when you are harnessed to and under direct supervision of a USPA certified Instructor.

Q. How safe is a tandem skydive at Skydive Barnstable?

A. Skydiving is like any other extreme sport: there are inherent risks that require careful training and execution. Failure to follow that training can lead to serious injury or death. Skydiving is as safe as the individual(s) make it. The equipment has improved considerably over the old-style round parachute and is so reliable that, when used properly, skydiving can be as safe or safer than any other extreme sport.

Q. What should I wear?

A. You should wear comfortable clothes appropriate for the season. Shorts and T-shirt for a hot day are fine, and if it’s colder, long pants and a comfortable long sleeved shirt. Please wear sneakers – no sandals or boots with hooks.

Q. What about the weather?

A. If we think there will be a weather problem, we will contact you.

Q. Do I need reservations?

A. Yes, we do require reservations. We will set up a specific day and time for you to come out so you won’t have to wait to make your skydive.

Q. Can I bring spectators?

A. Absolutely, bring all your friends and family. We have a spectator area where they can watch your entire skydive.

Q. When should I show up?

A. Please arrive 30 minutes before your appointment to fill out your paperwork. Punctuality is important so customers after you do not have to wait.